McMicking Family

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Patricia L McMicking

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Reference and documentation used for this site is very much a collabrative effort of many contributors around the world and comes from a wide variety of sources some
of which may include:
public records found in such places as government offices, churches, cemeteries, schools, libraries and other locations and would include such items as
birth records, baptismal or christening records, census records, voting records, death records and marriage records;
personal files in our possession or accessible to the general public that we have obtained either by personal effort, from family files or from information sent to us by others;
historical biographies such as those found online at Dictionary of Canadian Biography and others, encyclopedias including Wikipedia, and other published biography sites;

Submission of information, articles and comments and any feedback is very much welcome and encouraged.

"The mark of a Scot of all classes [is that] he ... remembers and cherishes the memory of his forebears, good or bad; and there burns alive in him a sense of identity with the dead even to the twentieth generation." .................Robert Louis Stevenson